Richard embrey

Richard was born in Burton On Trent and wanted to be an Artist from an early age, as he was born with a fast moving creative mind that loves to produce Art. However, becoming an Artist as a career was not advised back in the 1980/90’s, and he was advised to “get a proper job.” After University Richard worked in the City, Digital Advertising and Consulting.
Then in 2018 he started painting again. He soon took oil painting seriously and trained in Portraiture at Heatherley’s in Chelsea, where he learned classical techniques and finished in 2021. He did a series of paintings, with a nod to Hogarth, on social life in London today and then a series on Soho. The School of London artists, especially Freud and Bacon, are a subject of interest. Richard also likes to research and read about Art and Artists and will undertake a further research course, where he will address the importance of painting today."