Helping to make a difference

At The Dubel Prize, our mission goes beyond recognizing and supporting exceptional artists. We are committed to making a positive impact on the creative industry and bringing people together through our charitable endeavors. Each year, we will carefully select a charity with a focus on the creative industry to support and raise funds for.

To achieve this, we will organize various events for the artists throughout the year, during which we will collect monetary donations. The culmination of these efforts will be revealed at the highly-anticipated Dubel Prize winners ball, which takes place annually. The total amount raised will be divided equally between the chosen charities, in addition to the funds raised during the ball itself. By combining these contributions, we aim to provide significant support to these worthy causes.




Established in 1967, Centrepoint is a safe space for young people to build an independent future. Centrepoint provides expert support and secure housing that young people need to reclaim their dreams and have a future beyond homelessness. Centrepoint supports over 14,000 young people every year and are campaigning to end youth homelessness by 2037.


The Independent Living Programme is Centrepoint’s most ambitious programme to date. Creating homes and jobs and supporting young people when they are ready to live independently.


Independent Living is a step change in how we help young people on their journey through life. We will transform the lives of thousands of young people who need a helping hand to take the important but challenging first step to full independence, by providing them a home to call their own.