The Dubel Prize Launch at The Royal Exchange

The Dubel Prize made its grand debut two weeks ago at the opulent Royal Exchange, with an audience of 400 distinguished guests. The evening commenced with a warm welcome, where guests were greeted with glasses of champagne and indulged in exquisite cuisine from Fortnum and Mason. Setting the tone for the night, the talented ensemble High on Heels graced the stage, captivating the audience with their performance. 

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As the evening unfolded, guests had the opportunity to mingle and appreciate the impressive artworks displayed by the 12 shortlisted finalists. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. The event then transitioned into a series of speeches, beginning with Richard Utting from Centre Point, our esteemed charity partner. Following this, Julian Usher, the CEO of Red Eight Gallery, shared his thoughts and insights.

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The mood shifted into a lively celebration as the DJ took over, infusing the venue with a contagious positivity. Our charming host, Kemi, then welcomed Damian Alexander Dubel, the founder of the Dubel Prize, to the stage. In his heartfelt address, Damian expressed gratitude to his dedicated team, our invaluable partners, and the gracious guests who supported the Dubel Prize's vision. He emphasized the profound significance of art as an expression of the human spirit, capable of evoking emotions, challenging perceptions, and inspiring in unique and profound ways.

dubel prize images from the royal exchange

 The spotlight then turned to the 12 talented artists, who were introduced to the audience. Kemi engaged the artists in a lively conversation, delving into their creative processes, excitement at being shortlisted, and their aspirations for the future. Their enthusiasm was palpable, and they eagerly anticipated their forthcoming private event.

As the formal proceedings drew to a close, the night truly came alive with a riveting performance by The Big Pink, who had the audience on their feet with their chart-topping hit "Dominos." The DJ took the stage next, and guests danced the night away in the splendid surroundings of the Royal Exchange.

dubel prize event images from the royal exchange

At 11pm, the festivities continued as guests descended to The Libertine for the after-party. Here, they were treated to delectable cuisine and specially crafted cocktails courtesy of the Hidden Garden.

dubel prize launch images from the royal exchange


It was a truly special night, celebrating the incredible talent of the 12 shortlisted artists and bringing people together through the power of art. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming events that will further enrich the artistic community. 

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