Abotz, born and raised in North West London, Kilburn to be precise, is a Freelance artist with a rich history in graffiti / Street Art. "My Graffiti and Art life started when I was as young as 10 years old and you could say I became slightly obsessed with it all from a young age. I was first inspired by a close friend of mine who showed me the world of tagging. He encouraged me to give it a go, and ultimately, I didn’t need much convincing. My intertest only grew from there as I started to notice graffiti everywhere, which only amplified my need to know more about it. My inspiration mainly comes from the environment I grew up in. Music, art, fashion, family, friends and my partner. Anything that has had an impact on my life positively or negatively goes into my work. Nothing needs to necessarily happen to me for me to be inspired. A random thought can just pop into my head and I’ll be like yeah, this will be a good idea for a piece.
I use a lot of nostalgic cartoons like Pinky, Benny the Cat and add my own twist onto them, such as the ££ eyes. I feel as if everyone, young and old can relate to them which is something I wanted my art to do. "