The son of a watercolour artist mother and electronics-tinkering father, my career in digital/computer art was fairly well secured from the off. Born in London, studied Psychology and Philosophy at Leeds University (for the kicks) and forged a career in videogame art for Rare/Nintendo and Rare/Microsoft that lasted well.

Looking now to pursue an exclusively fine-art adventure in the contemporary art sphere and have been thrashing at it in earnest for a couple of years.

Success so far looks like a few shared shows and open exhibitions, a magazine inside cover and a couple of sales to friends and family – with the Dubel Prize shortlisting being the obvious highlight to now.

Entirely self-taught and working daily on following the artist dream that has been my niggling passion since forever.

Lee Musgrave's Full Art Collection for the Dubel Prize Takes Center Stage at Jeru in Mayfair, London

Lee Musgrave's art Takes Center Stage at the Yamaha Store in Soho, London

Kemi Rodgers Interviews Lee Musgrave at Home Grown Private Members Club