Celebrating the Artistry of Hannah Thomas at Red Eight Gallery

What a night at Red Eight Gallery, soaking in the incredible art of Hannah Thomas, the talented contender for The Dubel Prize. Damian Alexander Dubel hosted the night, turning it into a captivating show filled with art, music, speeches, and good vibes.

The gallery buzzed with life, blending visual arts and music from the 8 Ray Group, creating the perfect setting. It felt like we stepped into Hannah's world, each piece telling a unique story that grabbed our attention.

Julian Usher, the CEO of Red Eight Gallery, shared why Thomas' work matters. He made us see the deeper meaning behind the art. Jane Nkune from Centre Point talked about our partnership, emphasising our commitment to creativity.



Hannah herself shared insights into her creative journey and what inspired her masterpieces. It was like getting a backstage pass to the artist's mind.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Hannah Thomas for The Dubel Prize. The night showed us how art brings people together and makes us see the world in a different way.

If you're an art fan curious about Hannah Thomas' pieces, reach out to @julian_redeightgallery or visit [www.redeightgallery.com](www.redeightgallery.com). Julian and his team are ready to help you bring these inspiring artworks into your life. Cheers to celebrating the magic of art!

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