Diving Deeper into Jessie Foake's Artistic Journey

Jessie Foakes, one of the esteemed Dubel Prize shortlisted artists, provides insight into her artistic journey and expounds upon her creative process in an interview conducted by Kemi Rodgers at Home Grown. Rodgers inquires about Foakes' transition from a career as a tattoo artist to painting her own footwear, exploring the motivations that led her to embrace the realm of painting.

Foakes' deliberate selection of pop culture subjects, coupled with her distinctive interpretation, serves to encapsulate her unique artistic identity. She emphasizes her commitment to making art accessible to a broad audience, employing techniques that introduce texture to the canvas, allowing for a tactile and immersive experience. This unintentional inclusivity has become a hallmark of her artistic approach.

The artist draws inspiration primarily from her surroundings, with a focus on architectural elements rather than a singular influence from any particular artist. Foakes shares her aspiration to delve into portraiture, citing successful sales of her paintings featuring the Queen of England as a motivating factor. Despite the inherent pressure associated with rendering recognizable faces, she expresses a desire to further explore this facet of her artistic endeavors.

In recounting her recent exhibition at Home House, Foakes reflects on the overwhelmingly positive reception of her work. She notes the increased recognition of her name within the art community and the gratifying experience of connecting with fans who attended the event. Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of Jessie Foakes' meticulous artistic process for each of her compelling paintings.

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